Manuscript Maker

Manuscript Maker 1.0

The easiest way to create custom manuscript paper from your computer
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Manuscript Maker is the easiest way to create custom manuscript paper from your computer. Manuscript Makers user-friendly Setup Wizard will guide you through the creation process. You chose the manuscript that you want to create and Manuscript Maker will do all the work. You can select time signatures, key signatures, titles, text, staff names, copyright dates, number of staffs, number of measures, measure numbering, measures per system, systems per page and much more! Stop wasting time looking for the manuscript paper that you need and start creating the manuscripts that you want!

With the Manuscript Maker Setup Wizard you can easily create custom manuscripts by adding instruments or adding staffs. Manuscript Maker also provides a Preview Window that shows you what your final manuscript will look.

Create manuscripts with unlimited number of staffs. You can select how many measures per system you want, how many staves per page, display page numbers, display measure numbers, and the number of pages and measure to create.

When you’re finished creating your original manuscripts you can print them in publisher quality as many times as you choose. You can go back and easily edit your manuscript or save them as templates to use later.


- Windows 2000/XP/VISTA, 16MB RAM (32MB RAM recommended), PC printer and paper

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